About Me – My Journey

Nergis Parikh

Hi, I’m Nergis Parikh and this is my first blog post on my journey in life todate. I’m not much of a writer actually, and I’ve started this blog purely to get into the habit of writing regular posts for my Internet Marketing business, so bear with me if you find that I tend to ramble on in some of my posts.

I am passionate about learning and studying new stuff and I cannot remember a time that, along with all the roles we women play as a daughter, wife and mother, I have not also been in the role of a student, whether is has been pure academics like CA, CS, Law & SAP or pursuit of the Arts & Crafts like Indian Classical dance, Ceramic Painting, Glass & Mural Art, Hand Crafted Chocolates and now Internet Marketing.

My Family

Gaurav Parikh
Gaurav Parikh

I am happily married to Gaurav, my partner in all crime (and otherwise) who has been my better half in every way. We complement each other because we are so different and at the same time attuned to each other in amazing harmony. He’s the extrovert to my introvert, the risk taker to my safe-sandy, the perpetual optimist to my pragmatist ( tho’ he insists I’m a pessimist I prefer to think I’m practical, certainly not a pessimist). We’ve had our share of ups and downs and tho’ he can drive me up the wall at least twice a week, if not more, I wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂  Gaurav is the co-founder and managing director of Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd. He is a consultant on the Indian Equities and Capital Markets and has conducted innumerable training workshops for Corporates and Financial Institutes. What Gaurav doesn’t know about Indian Stocks is probably not worth knowing! In May 2015 he was rated as one of  The Top 10 Experts on Economics & Investing in India by an Independent US Observer. Earlier in January 2015, he was featured by the Outlook Business as one of India’s Top Ten Stock Pickers in its special edition . He is an avid blogger, never afraid to write it as it is, and if you are interested in getting an insight into Indian Equities, you can look him up at www.gauravblog.com .

Varun & Kunashni
Varun & Kunashni

I have 2 awesome kids. Varun, my son, is a budding and passionate Sound Engineer, working with Boing Studios, Mumbai. My daughter, Kunashni, is doing her undergrad in Neuro-science at UBC, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Both have their individual passions and are following their own dreams. Having done their schooling at Cathedral & John Connon, one of the best rated schools in the country, they are confident, independent, smart and compassionate. Both are crazy about sports, football in particular, and though they fight like cats and dogs like any other siblings, the minute we admonish one of them, they gang up together taking up for each other. 🙂

My Journey so far

My professional  journey from being an FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) from ICAI (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) to a student of digital Internet Marketing has been very interesting, energetic and an extremely enjoyable one. From FCA to Home Crafted Chocolatier to Web Designer to Internet Marketer, each facet of my journey has taught me new skills and new lessons.

Digital Internet Marketing is the future, whether you are an individual, a partnership or a global organisation, whether you’re an online freelancer or a brick and mortar business. In today’s world, unless you know how to brand your business correctly, you should be prepared to stagnate where you are. I’m on the path to an exciting new career of Internet Marketing. There’s something new to learn everyday in this field and I’ve been lucky to have found good mentors to study under and work for in this field. Though I’ve always been more of a designer by nature, I would also love to have learnt a programming language to create and brand my own software programs.  Well you never know, as C S Lewis says, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

And I say “I’ll know I’m dead when I have stopped learning something new!”


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